SUMMER WALKS PROGRAMME 2024 – Book your ticket now

Photo of Isle of Wight NL with photos of walk leaders

Everyone is welcome to enjoy and discover the Isle of Wight National Landscape. Our walk leaders have put together a fantastic selection of walks. Free to everyone and running from 26th May – 30th August. Book now on Eventbrite to secure your place – Isle of Wight National Landscape Summer Walks | Eventbrite


Walk leaders will take you on a journey through, round and over the landscape. Uncovering new paths, revisiting well loved routes and experiencing views and vistas like no other.


Meet the guides

Kathy Grogan – Family & Nature walks

Sue Bailey – Story walks

Chris & Frankie – Social Landscape walks

Kelly Wetherick – Heritage walks

Lucia Para – Art walks


The walks are free but must be booked in advance. See below for the full list of walking events throughout June, July and August 2024.


ISLE OF Wight National Landscape Summer walks programme